6 Misconceptions in Film Adaptations of Literature

  • In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Frankenstein is the doctor, but, in film versions, Frankenstein becomes the monster.
  • In the 1995 film adaptation of The Scarlet Letter, there is a scene where the town is prepared to hang Hester Prynne, but, fortunately, she is saved by her lover and an attack by Native Americans. This scene is not present in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s work, as her Puritan community appeared to prefer to have her live and suffer with public shame than be killed.
  • Tim Burton’s film adaptation of Sleepy Hollow strayed from Washington Irving’s story by adapting the headless horseman into an actual ghost. In Irving’s story, the nature of the headless horseman is left open to interpretation, yet it is implied that Ichabod Crane was scared out of town by his fear of the ghost stories he was told and by a disguised horseman.
  • When Beowulf was adapted for film, Angelina Jolie was cast as Grendel’s mother, who acted more as an attractive seductress than the demonic descendant of Cain described in the epic. But seriously, who can blame them for making this change?
  • The ending of Michael Crichton’s novel, Jurassic Park, results in the island of dinosaurs being bombed and destroyed, while the film results in an escape and far less deaths. Hollywood needed room for sequels, right?
  • Alfonso Cuarón’s 1998 film version of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations relocates the setting from Victorian England to modern New York. The film version also changes the name of Pip to Finn and Miss Havisham to Miss Dinsmore.
this post was written by sissy swan.



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