Book Review: Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin, centers around the lives of two childhood best friends, Rachel and Darcy. Rachel, our narrator, works as an attorney at a firm she despises, lacks a love life, and, to top it all off, she has just reached the dreaded age of 30. Once she turns 30, Rachel has a revelation: she has done everything she thought she was supposed to do—be a good friend to others and a good daughter to her loving parents, go to college straight from high school, and attend law school directly after that—but she has come to the startling realization that she has never done anything risky in fear of what could happen. Her best friend, Darcy is the complete opposite; she takes huge risks and somehow has everything work out perfectly. Darcy’s job at a top PR firm fell into her lap while she was bartending one night at the Monkey Bar. She has Rachel, who has been there for her since their childhood in Indiana, and her gorgeous fiancé, Dex, who she met through Rachel. Darcy appears to have it all. Rachel was always the sidekick and Darcy was the one in the spotlight. The one never-changing, consistent thing in both of their lives was their friendship. However, it all changes in one night when Rachel and Dex sleep together.

To be completely honest, I only decided to read this novel based on the movie that followed it (which featured John Krasinski a.k.a. Jim Halpert from The Office). I did not think I would enjoy the book at all. However, this novel introduces an interesting take on finding one’s self and realizing one’s self worth that keeps the reader invested in the story. Giffin keeps this rom-com-esque book relatable, giving the reader a main character that decides to rise up and take control of her own life. Rachel is the underdog. She wants more from life, but is afraid to step out of what is familiar. The author’s portrayal of Rachel’s personal triumphs has you rooting for her, despite her transgressions. Rachel recognizes the “gray” areas in relationships and realizes it is okay to put herself before others. Though the love story between Rachel and Dex begins under very scandalous circumstances, it is a love story that will make a person believe that if two people are supposed to be together, they will find their way.

This novel is great for romcom fans as well as those who are little on the fence about anything romcom related; this one entertains more so than it makes you feel nauseated by all of the typical sappy one-liners.

Rating: 4/5

This review was written by Gabbi Battiloro.

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