Huntington, NY’s Book Revue

Before one enters the Book Revue bookstore in Huntington, NY, she is greeted by a display of several books grouped together over the front doors, with the bookstore name in-between these books. This front display immediately tells a person what kind of business the Book Revue is, and this front display is also easily seen from a distance, which is beneficial for promoting the store. The store’s café is located to the right inside of the store with the children’s section directly behind it. The children’s section is divided into different categories according to a child’s age, and there are picture and Disney book categories, as well as sections for middle school children. There is also a wooden red fire truck located in the children’s section, which young children are welcome to sit on. I greatly appreciated this feature of the Book Revue, as it is very welcoming to young children and it encourages them to interact with their surroundings. The art history/technique books are located along the wall on the left-hand side of the store, and across from the art section are the women’s studies and gay/lesbian studies sections. Poetry and drama are located directly behind these sections, and the mystery, science fiction and horror sections are after poetry and drama, located further towards the back of the store.

The largest section of Book Revue is fiction, and this section begins after the art books section on the left-hand wall and wraps around the back wall. There is an additional fiction section located on the store’s upper level, as well as additional mystery and science fiction sections. However, children under ten years of age are not permitted on this upper level. This rule that the Book Revue has is a little puzzling because the upper level is very similar to the store’s ground level, and there is nothing located on the upper floor that is easily breakable or can be considered inappropriate for children. The prices of books at Book Revue are also much lower than they would be at a chain store, such as Barnes & Noble. Many books range between $5 and $10, and even if a book is above this price range, it would still be about half the price of a book at a larger chain store. For example, I bought a literary criticism book that cost only $15, while many books of this category at Barnes & Noble would cost at least $25. Overall, Book Revue is a wonderful place to visit, as it offers customers a cozy atmosphere and a wide, rich variety of books at affordable prices.


Click here to visit Book Revue’s website.



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