Book Review: ‘Something Blue’ by Emily Giffin


Darcy was always the pretty and popular one who had everything handed to her. Darcy always had good things just happen to her. Life was always spectacular. However, it isn’t until Rachel and Dex realize that they love each other, an unanticipated pregnancy, and her paramour, Marcus, breaking up with her, that Darcy realizes life won’t always be so easy. Darcy realizes it is time for her to do something bold in order to change her life for the better. Darcy abandons her New York City life and hops on a plane to London to see her other childhood friend, Ethan. When Darcy and Ethan reunite, sparks fly, igniting the idea that love can be found in the most unexpected places.

Emily Giffin’s sequel to Something Borrowed does not disappoint as she allows us to see through Darcy’s eyes. As a reader, you see a natural transformation of the self-centered, materialistic Darcy to the caring, kind, considerate Darcy. If you read Something Borrowed, you already have a history with Darcy through Rachel’s eyes. You are completely aware of how everything revolved around her and how she seemingly lived the “perfect life.” In this sequel, we peek into Darcy’s thoughts and see how she becomes a completely different Darcy. Darcy’s personal growth from a narcissistic, vapid, immature person to a caring, warm individual is truly lovely as she finally sees what the world is really like and what it means to truly love someone. Sending Darcy to London to reconnect with Ethan spurs a wonderful story that once again proves how everything that is supposed to happen will happen. Just as Rachel and Dex were meant to happen, it is the same for these two characters as readers see the bickering turn to attraction and then into love.

I personally became invested in both of Griffith’s novels because of the movie, Something Borrowed, which is based on the first novel and stars the ever beautiful, John Krasinski as Ethan. I honestly was unsure if I would like either novel. However, Griffith’s wit and flow – and picturing John Krasinski as Ethan – allow the reader to keep turning its pages at lightning speed; you may start at Something Borrowed, but end up reading until you reach the beautiful ending of Something Blue. Anyone who has read the first novel, is a fan of the movie Something Borrowed, or is looking for a sappy, touching, romantic book to read will enjoy this book.

Rating: 4/5

This review was composed by Gabbi Battiloro.



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