Something Borrowed: Novel vs. Film

If you caught the book review that precedes this, you already know my feelings on the Emily Giffin’s novel, Something Borrowed. If you happened to have missed my book review, “Book Review: Something Borrowed, this wonderful novel follows the life of protagonist, Rachel White as she tries to find what is missing in her life; at the novel’s start, she is a practicing lawyer, she has her close friends Darcy and Hillary, and she seemingly has her life sorted out, but it all changes once she turns 30. When Rachel turns 30, she realizes there is one thing she is missing and his name is Dex, also known as Darcy’s fiancé. Rachel’s life turns outside down–the good girl she was becomes just as memory as she begins an affair with Dex. This radical move blows everything up, but it also, in the end, changes her life in a positive way.

The novel and the movie share some typical similarities that one would see in a film adaptation. The characters essential to the story remain present as the core focus of the movie. Ginnifer Goodwin is Rachel, Kate Hudson is Darcy, and Colin Egglesfield is Dex. There is no question that these actors played their roles well. But, Hollywood cut one character, Hillary. Hillary is Rachel’s confidant as well as the moral compass in the novel as Rachel navigates the uncharted territory she finds herself in. Instead of removing the character, the movie people combined Hillary with the character, Ethan. In the novel, we only see Ethan in a few, brief instances before moving front in center in Giffin’s sequel, Something Blue. However,

Ethan’s role in the film is major, anyone who has seen the film can attest to that; fans of John Krasinski definitely know this role is huge as he makes us laugh and swoon as the lovable Ethan. Ethan becomes the voice of reason needed to push Rachel. He also brings the comic relief in what could be a very stirring movie–adultery does not tend to sit well with people. He is arguably my favorite part of the movie. I sit back and watch it for him 99% of the time.

I have to say, despite the adultery, I love this movie. I originally saw this before reading the book and I fell in love with both of them. Emily Giffin’s novel is witty and wonderful as is the movie the novel is based on. The emotional aspect to both is captured well and you feel what the characters feel. If you’re looking for a movie to watch or a book to read, check out Something Borrowed!

Written by Gabbi Battiloro


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