Upcoming Events for the Poetry Center

Do you love poetry? If so, the Poetry Center has several exciting events coming up within the next few weeks. They have a wide variety of things planned that are sure to please anyone. Even if you don’t read or write poetry, these events are likely to peak your interest and help you learn how poetry can relate to many aspects of day to day life. Be sure to check out at least one of these events, and bring a friend too!

Wednesday, October 5  Michela Musolino, “Sicilian Dance in Cultural Context”
12:30PM – 1:45PM  Sicilian folk singer and actress will present an interactive program teaching a Sicilian dance based on a folk song. The relationship between poetry and dance is extremely important in the Sicilian cultural heritage. Let’s kick off our season with song and dance.
Pratt Multipurpose room

Wednesday, October 26  Tom Rock, “Writing About Baseball”
12:30PM – 1:45PM Honors alumnus Tom Rock started writing about sports for the Pioneer. Now a sports writer for Newsday with a particular passion for baseball, he will be reading from his first novel, Game Seven and will be pleased to answer questions about baseball and about a career in journalism. He will be joined by his wife, Amanda, also an LIU Honors graduate and journalist.
Winnick House, Great Hall

Monday, November 1  Steven Sher, “Poetry and Fiction”
12:30PM – 1:45PM Poetry reading and writing workshop
Brooklyn-born poet Steven Sher lives in Israel. He is in New York on a reading tour and we are pleased to have offer both a writing workshop and a reading from his poetry and short stories. He is the author of many books and has been a teacher of creative writing, always glad to help students find their own voices.
Winnick House, Great Hall
Tuesday, November 29 Naznin Rahman and Hassanal Abdullah
12:30PM – 1:45PM This program presents two Banglaseshi poets, husband and wife, whose work reflects major current issues including women’s rights and civil rights in the context of Bengali culture. Hassanal Abdullah is the authors of many books of poetry, including an epic poem and collection of unique sonnets in an original form his his invention. A teacher of mathematics, he brings cosmic issues to light in his work. Naznin Rahman is a feminist, author and radio presence whose first book of poems was published by The Feral Press.
Patron’s Lounge, Tilles Center


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