Favorite Literary Quotes

1) “I’m Sookie Stackhouse. I belong here.”

These two sentences, stated by Sookie Stackhouse, are the final two lines of Dead Ever After, which is the final novel in the Sookie Stackhouse book series by Charlaine Harris. This book series was adapted into the TV show True Blood in 2008, and although these two sentences are short, they hold a great amount of meaning. Sookie is identifying herself as an individual, and she knows where she feels the most comfortable, which happens to be in her hometown of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Within these two sentences, Sookie possesses a tone of voice that is both self-assured and confident because she knows who she is as an individual person, and she feels comfortable enough to announce this personal identity to the reader. Sookie has also found her own place in the world, and she knows where she feels the most comfortable and happy. Sookie Stackhouse has achieved a sense of satisfaction in her life, and this sense of satisfaction is a great thing for an individual to achieve in real life as well. When an individual is this comfortable with who she is, she not only feels happier, but she also possesses respect for herself. It is very important in life for an individual to become comfortable with who she genuinely is, and she should not mold herself into a particular image of how others wish her to be. Each person in this world is unique in his/her own way, and when Sookie states her own personal identity, she shows the reader that this individuality should be acknowledged and celebrated.


2) “There is one purpose to life and one only: to bear witness to and understand as much as possible of the complexity of the world-its beauty, its mysteries, its riddles. The more you understand, the more you look, the greater is your enjoyment of life and your sense of peace. That’s all there is to it. Everything else is fun and games. If an activity is not grounded in “to love” or “to learn,” it does not have value.”

This quote is spoken by Azriel, who is an archangel in Anne Rice’s novel Servant of the Bones. This quote discusses personal fulfillment, but a person needs to do very specific things in order to achieve this sense of fulfillment in life. According to this quote, a person needs to focus his/her attention on what occurs around him/her, and (s)he needs to be aware of this complexity that is described because it could give him/her the chance to witness something truly beautiful. When a person has this sense of focus and is intuitive to what occurs in the world around him/her, (s)he can have a more enjoyable and fulfilling life as a result. However, this individual must be committed to learning, and (s)he must keep his/her heart open in order to love other people. Learning and loving others are the only two actions in life that truly matter, and everything else in the world is simply meaningless.

The effects that learning and love have on an individual can be quite astounding, because these two actions are not confined to just one person. When a person learns something, (s)he then has the opportunity to enhance somebody else’s education by passing the knowledge onto another individual, and love acts in a chainlike manner as well. Caring for somebody else often gives a person a sense of happiness, and this individual who is receiving the care will also feel happy knowing that (s)he matters to somebody else. Receiving this love is an extraordinary experience, because if an individual is upset or having a bad day, receiving affection from a loved one can make a person feel much better. People have the ability to show a much deeper sense of comfort than material goods ever could, and material goods mean nothing compared to the experience of showing and receiving love.


3) “I cannot kill my sin,

And mine will ever be a name of scorn.

I must not dwell on that defeat of fame.”

In this quote from Tennyson’s Idylls of the King, Queen Guinevere is admitting that she has made a mistake. She is admitting that she is not a perfect being and that she does not have the power to go back and undo what has already been done. Guinevere knows that having an affair with Lancelot has ruined her reputation, and that this one act will shroud her in shame and scorn for a very long time. By admitting her sin, however, Guinevere appears to be a very humble individual, and she is admitting that she is not perfect but rather only human. The queen also knows that she should not keep pondering over this one act that she has committed. She sounds determined to keep moving forward with her life, and Guinevere uses a dignified tone of voice in this quote. She shows Tennyson’s readers that although individuals do make mistakes, it is how they handle them that matters, and Queen Guinevere shows that mistakes and scandals can be handled with grace and dignity.


By Kaitlyn Boland






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