Books for Break: Discovering Empathy through Reading

Looking for a good book to read once finals are done? Join us in Hillwood Wednesday, November 30th from 12:30-1:45 to find a new favorite book to get you through a snowy winter. Reading is a wonderful way to delve into the minds and circumstances of characters, allowing for you as the reader to empathize with characters’ struggles and triumphs.

Our latest book giveaway deals with the theme of empathy. The ability to understand and have emotional reactions to what you read is a fantastic way to truly acknowledge what it means to be empathetic, not only for fictional characters, but also people you encounter on a daily basis.

Therefore, many of the books you will see there deal with the hardships people have faced in both the past and the present. We have a variety of books, short stories, and poems, so you are likely to find something you will enjoy!

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

“Reading can almost be viewed as empathy training. Movies have better action scenes, sure. But books are uniquely suited to showing you the inside of another person’s head. That is the root of empathy. That’s the first step to understanding you’re not alone in the world.”

~ Patrick Rothfuss



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