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National Poetry Month: Universal Lovers

Written and submitted by Randall Taylor

Universal Lovers

A love older than time…
Made up of feelings mixed into beats that slowly rhyme.
I swear when I look in your eyes…
I see a different universe.

Not in the same old colors…
No red, blue, green, or yellow
But hazel…

It’s incredible really.
I can’t write the feelings I have about you.
I can’t sing the words only our hearts can use to describe the love we share.
When I see the universe in your eyes I close mine because I want to enter it through your mind.
When we think of each other I feel our sacred realms connect.

The stars aligned…
Every sun and moon parallel…
Except two…
You and I…
I, the Sun and You, the moon my darling will form an eclipse.
Combining all our thoughts and feelings into an eclipse of light.
Luminescent of both our universes just as how we make each other smile.

When we step into each other’s universes…
I don’t want to feel love…
I want to feel blissful.
A euphoria born in our spirits from speaking soulful mantras in our own language…
The language of universal lovers.

National Poetry Month: Pieces

Written and submitted by Randall Taylor

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